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Громадська організація "Мiжнародний фонд "Взаєморозуміння і толерантність" - Regulations about Honorary membership
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Monday Oct 22

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by the decision of the Management

International Public Organization

«International Foundation

«Mutual Understanding and Tolerance»

Protocol # 8

from November, 10 2009


Regulations about the Honorary membership of  International Public Organization

«International Foundation

«Mutual Understanding and Tolerance»


Regulations about Honorary membership in International Public Organization «International foundation «Mutual Understanding and Tolerance» (farther Foundation) are developed for implementation about membership in the Foundation and determines the order of acquisition of Honorary membership, rights and duties of the Honorary members of Foundation, participating of the Honorary members of Foundation in the activity of Foundation, order of leaving from the Honorary members, other questions which appear relations between Foundation and its Honorary members.


Article 1.  Honorary membership


1.1. The Honorary member of Foundation can be scientist, political or public figure and also any other physical person who has the special achievements in sphere of state foundation and renders considerable organizational, financial or other support activity for the Foundation.

1.2. A certification and other distinctions set by the Management for the Honorary members of Foundation are given for the Honorary member of Foundation.

1.3. According to the decision of Foundation Management the Honorary members are free from entrance and annual membership fees in accordance with their wish.


Article 2. Acceptance in Honorary membership of the Foundation


2.1. A question concerning the status grant of the Honorary member of Foundation is put on the Meeting of Foundation Management after the handing in it of the President of Foundation or member of Foundation Management. The decision about affiliating Honorary membership is taken by the most voices of the present Management members.

2.2. A person, who gets a positive decision about acceptance to the Honorary member, gives an agree by the handing in the proper application to the President of the Foundation.



Article 3. Rights and duties of the Honorary members


3.1. The Honorary members of Foundation have a right:

3.1.1. to take part in General Meting of Foundation; 

3.1.2. to elect and be elected in the leading and structural bodies of Foundation;  3.1.3. to get from Foundation information from questions of its activity;

3.1.4. to do voluntary payments(donations) to the bank accounts of Foundation;  3.1.5. to go out from the Honorary members of Foundation voluntary in an order set by the Regulations and this Statute, by the handing in of writing application to the Management of Foundation.

3.2. Honorary members of Foundation owe:

3.2.1. to follow the Regulations of Foundation, promote realization of its aims and tasks;

3.2.2. to carry out the decisions of General Meeting and regulation bodies of the Foundation. 


Article 4. Final regulations


4.1. This Statute goes into effect from the day of his assertion by the decision of Foundation Management.

4.2. According to the decision of Foundation Management to this Statute can be made alteration and additions. 

4.3. Questions, which are not well-regulated by this Statute, are decided by the President of Foundation in accordance with the Foundation Statute and legislation of Ukraine.